About our annual Macbeth

Every year for Halloween, Flock Theatre mounts a production of Shakespeare’s bloody, supernatural tragedy Macbeth, a play inspired largely by King James I’s fascination with witchcraft and the occult, with timely references to the Gunpowder Plot to blow up Parliament. Macbeth is a fantastical account of the history of real-life Macbeth, King of Scotland, interpreting the story of Macbeth’s rise to kingship as one filled with treason, brooding paranoia, and supernatural meddling by three witches and the goddess Hecate.  Like many Flock productions, Macbeth has been performed in a number of different venues, including classrooms, church basements, and now the reconstructed Red Barn on the Mitchell College campus.

The inspiration for an annual production of Macbeth was our intention to perform the show for schools around the region, giving underserved student communities access to Shakespeare performed at a professional level. We are long-term partners with schools such as the Bennie Dover-Jackson Middle School Campus, St. Bernard School, Nathan Hale Arts Magnet, and more. Join us for our favorite dark and bloody tradition revived every year since 2003!