Flock Theatre provides Residency Programs to schools through the Connecticut H.O.T. Schools Program. Depending on the Residency subject, students work in collaboration with Flock Theatre artists to study a wide range of subjects, from history to science and even conflict resolution. Derron Wood became a Master Teaching Artist in the State of Connecticut as part of the Connecticut Commission on the Arts program in 1998, and Victor Chiburis joined the roster as well in 2015. Flock has implemented arts-based lessons throughout the state. Their unique programs explore themes such as homelessness, youth violence, the environment, drugs, and anti-social behavior. Many of these programs use puppets to allow students a sense of distance from the problems discussed as well as facilitate real intimacy when their personal experiences are involved.

If you would like to bring Flock Theatre’s Teaching Artists to your school, please contact Flock at flocktheatre@hotmail.com or (860) 443-3119